Attention Solo Freelancers and New Digital Agency Owners!

Want A Step By Step Framework 

To Launch & Scale Your Own Marketing Agency to 6/7 figures in just a matter of months??

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The Bankable Digital Agency Accelerator

The ONLY workshop of its kind, designed to help you start and scale your own 6/7 Figure Digital Marketing Agency in 6 months or less

Plus, We'll Make Sure That You're Building Momentum Every Step of The Way

 LIVE Weekly Boot Camp Training

Every Week, we will meet on these high level coaching calls to get things moving for you. From business building strategies to the challenges that you are facing right now, we will talk about everything to make sure you know your next steps to increase your sales numbers.

 LIVE Weekly Critique Calls

Get Live and actionable reviews & quick feedback on your offers with clear goals & metrics reviewed.

 Insider Access To Our Private community

This is an elite and growing private mentorship community of highly skilled freelancers, VAs and agency owners from across the globe. Some of them are already running 6 figure agencies and they like to share what worked for them quite often.

LIVE Guest Expert Sessions by Industry Leaders

You're going to get industry insights and tips from people who have done it all. Wouldn't it be awesome to hear from the best of the best expert practitioners in the field of Advertising & Ecommerce, Brand Building, Marketing Techniques, Conversion Rate Optimization and sooooo much more?


Have our team review your proposals before you send them to your potential clients.


Whenever you hit milestones you’ll get the chance to work with our team directly to take a deep dive into all the deets. What worked, what failed, what needs adjustment & how to quickly pivot to increase revenue! Milestones include launching new products, implementing new offer structures, hiring & training team members and much more!


Get to know others in the program by working together during available co-working hours.

Did Someone Say BONUSES?

(Not Offered Anywhere Else)

Mastering Case Studies

Case studies are perfect for showcasing your results and bringing on new customers. You will get access to our proven case study design templates so you can show off impressive results to the world.

White labeling + Joint Venture Partnerships Online Training

Here’s What You Will Learn Inside:
  • What is White Labeling + should you do it?
  • ​Connecting with other powerhouses in the community to create powerful cross referral partnerships
  • ​Structuring your affiliate program
  • ​Structuring your referral program
  • ​Structuring joint ventures

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Training

You will learn how important it is to create multiple streams of income and how to leverage affiliate networks to leverage the opportunities in the world of affiliate marketing.

Access To Our TECH LAB

That's right! We want to make sure that you get access to all the tools we use to bring amazing results when you need it during the mentorship program.

This will give you an opportunity to explore these tools closely and see if it's something you would want to use moving forward while building your agency.

6 Figures in 6 Months- Prospecting & Closing Mastery

The most important system you need to have in your business is generating new leads! We have helped many brands get to their first $50k-$100k months and you can too! It's our goal to help you do this in 6 months or less

$100k+/mo Digital Ad Strategies

Generate leads to your services, try out new service offerings, sell digital products, sell done with you services and SCALE like a Master by implementing high converting ads that have helped us and our clients CRUSH it in the digital marketing space. 

Tech lab Software Trainings Include

  • Clickfunnels
  • ​Clickup
  • ​Airtable
  • ​Google Suite
  • ​Pinterest Business Manager
  • ​Kajabi
  • ​SEMRush
  • ​Loom
  • ​Wordpress
  • Slack
  • ​Asana
  • ​Google Analytics
  • ​Canva
  • ​Calendar Apps
  • ​Google Analytics
  • ​Ahrefs
  • ​Leadpages
  • ​Zoom
  • Trello
  • ​Hubspot
  • ​Reporting Softwares
  • ​FB Business Manager
  • ​Active Campaign
  • ​Google Search Console
  • ​Last Pass
  • ​Shopify
  • ​Zapier

This is our MOST COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM and we have put all of our resources into it!

Here are some additional bonuses:

Agency Directory

When you’re starting out, it’s important to know the right people who are operating at the same frequency as you within the industry. Our Agency directory will help you find the right people you can partner with for projects via referrals or joint ventures.

Joint Ventures & Affiliate Partnerships

This is our MASTERY for 3 years. We never ran ads for anything on our agency side and worked with some of the biggest brands in the world! We can teach you how you can too.

Our HIGHEST CONVERTING Proposal Template Process

Creating proposals can be a cumbersome process especially if you do it from scratch for every other potential client. With our high converting templates, you are guaranteed to stand out of the crowd and showcase your achievements in front of them.


You will learn how to create epic content strategy that allows you to garner more attention and go viral in your community.

What Stops Most Freelancers & New Agency Owners From Accomplishing What They're Capable Of..

  • Lack of Clarity Around Their Niche, Skills & Abilities
  • ​Lack of Market Ready Offers & Packages
  • ​Not Having Consistent Outreach Efforts
  • ​Working Without Understanding Contracts, Taxes and Payment Terms
  • ​Not Working on Branding Their Agency
  • ​Lack of a High Converting Website & Proposals
  • ​Lack of a Reporting Management System
Unfortunately, many Freelancers / VAs / New Agency Owners are not happy with where they are in their business.

They know what they want: More Profits, Few hours and Less Stress.

They understand that this will require BIG, significant changes - such as choosing a niche, revamping their offer structure, improving client delivery, or fixing their sales process.

But every time they try to actually get there, they keep getting bogged down by urgent issues - a client is once again not happy, an employee or partner needs assistance or they're dragged into yet another meeting.

And what if I told you that:

It's POSSIBLE to run a profitable, successful agency where you work normal hours, have less stress, and create massive income that gives you more freedom.

But to get there, you need more than just a plan.

You need MOMENTUM.


You need SPEED

and that's exactly what I'm here to give you today!

The Bankable Digital Agency Accelerator is a step by step mentorship program to help Solo Freelancers, VAs and Agency Owners Build a Profitable Business of their Dreams.

You'll learn the EXACT methodologies and process that will fill your pipeline with high-paying clients, establish a steady cash flow and Run A Business That Doesn't Run You

The Bankable Digital Agency Accelerator

will only open twice per year

Your next chance to join could be 6+ months from now or more

Here’s What You’ll Learn Inside Bankable Digital Agency Accelerator Program

  • Discovering Your Niche & Skillset Offerings
  • Designing & Pricing Your Service Offer
  • Contracts, Payments, Taxes & Legalities
  • Branding Your Agency​
  • ​Designing A High Converting Website
  • ​Mastering Proposals, Sales Calls & Follow ups
  • Onboarding New Clients​
  • Analytics + Reporting For Clients
  • ​Internal Agency Operations Management
  • Generating Clients Organically
  • Generating New Clients With Ads
  • Client Communication
  • ​Hiring a team of A players

Created by 3-Time 7-Figure Digital Agency Owner,

Hey, I'm Lindsay...

I'll be taking your agency to new heights

I have been featured in Entrepreneur, Fox News, Newsweek and other media platforms as a serial entrepreneur and traffic generation specialist.

Over the last 17 years I’ve helped build hundreds of brands. I’ve seen the crazy 7,8 & 9 figure successes and the bankruptcy failures…

My team (Pins 4 Profit Agency & Launch Mastery Marketing Agency) and I manage more than $15 million / month in Ad spends for our clients.

I’ve seen everything you can think of that creates both success and failure in the online agency business. It’s my goal to help you avoid the common pitfalls and quickly implement techniques that can create massive results.

I'm obsessed with helping amazing aspiring entrepreneurs create radical success in their business through mentorship.
When you join this Bankable Digital Agency Accelerator program, you will get access to our Behind The Scenes Processes and Systems responsible for such massive growth of us and our clients.

The Question is: Are You Ready For Your Next BIG Business Breakthrough?

If your answer is a BIG, Resounding YES, then click that button down below and apply to see if you qualify.

10+ Years of RAVE Reviews for my
Organic & Paid Strategies

Kara - Ayurveda Supplements Online

"Lindsay has been a game changer for me in soooo many ways. She helped me really scale and massively grow my business. I didn't even know Pinterest was a thing haha. But with supplements it's always a challenge to advertise on FB. I got a lot of ads banned and Pinterest has been an incredible new channel for us to see additional results."

Ryan - VP of Marketing, Manscaped

"Lindsay is super easy to work with. She's austhentic, hardworking and will give you the best possible strategy & chance for you to succeed on Pinterest.

We worked on a lot of high level reporting & attribution issues and she was willing to dive deep with us and our brands to help get higher conversions consistently. We're working harder & harder to make changes so Pinterest is more direct response for us."

What Would It Mean For You If You Could Launch And Build A Highly Profitable Digital Agency In The Next 6 Months or Less…..?

Let's do the math. How much is it costing you to not invest in this mentorship program?

If you're doing everything on your own right now, you're wasting SO MANY HOURS of your valuable time making rookie mistakes and recovering from it.

Tell me the truth... Did you ever wish that you had someone by your side to guide you and show you the quickest possible way to get your desired results?

Just Imagine Yourself 6 Months From Now:
  • Having the same financial situation and revenue growth
  • ​Having no clear strategy on scaling your digital agency
  • ​Having no one to guide / help you fix your business & operational challenges
  • ​Wasting crap ton of $$ on courses only to have information paralysis
  • ​Investing in fake gurus and waiting for them to actually care about your goals

Is that where you want to be six months from now?

Now think as a CEO of your business.... All those precious hours you have invested in growing your agency... they're worth at least thousands of dollars if not more.

And you're squandering it away because you haven't hired a mentor or a team of experts.

Now Imagine if you got all those hours back, do you think you would be able to get things done in a much better way??

Well, I certainly cannot bring those hours back. They are gone.
But I can definitely make sure that your time from this moment is well optimized and focused on only doing things that will move the needle for you Digital Marketing Agency.

Even if you get three new retainer clients in the next 3-4 months (I have had members in my inner circle doing that in much less time), you will make wayyy more than your investment in this mentorship program.

Let Me Show You How to Master the Skills of Building a 6/7 Figure

Digital Marketing Agency

  • Hundreds of Live Trainings
  • ​15 modules
  • ​27 bonus trainings
  • ​Weekly Coaching Calls
  • ​Weekly Training Bootcamps
  • ​Milestone calls
  • ​Guest Sessions
  • ​​Proposal Reviews
  • ​Access to our Agency Referral Directory
  • ​Lead generation mastery
  • ​Case study mastery
  • ​Sales process mastery
  • ​Client Services Delivery Mastery
  • ​Client Communication Mastery

So, What is the Investment of a Life Changing Program Like

The Bankable Digital Agency Accelerator

Well… the truth is…
Before I let you know about the investment…
I need you to apply because I need to be certain that this Mentorship Program will work for you.

This is a 12 month minimum container. After that you can choose to continue growing with us if you feel like you need more support and guidance from us.

We’re here to help you get REAL results that LAST with an entire New Bankable Digital Agency System® which takes time & guidance to implement!

By the way: Just because you don’t have a big business… or you don’t have a ton of money for ads, doesn’t mean I won’t accept you… I’m not going to say NO based on your revenue $... the entire purpose of me doing this is to help those who I haven’t helped for YEARS, so that I show the world that this method works for EVERYONE building their ecommerce business.

But I need you to be completely honest and give as many details as you can when you're filling out your application form.

After you apply and your application is a fit… 

  • I will send you an email reply with details…
  • ​I will reserve your seat for 48 hours…
  • ​You will be able to invest and purchase…
  • ​You’ll get access to my personal calendar instantly for your strategy call...
  • ​You will get access to our membership area within a week of joining...

By the end of this program, you will have…

  • Discovered a lucrative NICHE that gets you EXCITED about the work you're doing (instead of dreading the moments you spend on your laptop).
  • Created successful client proposals that positions your agency as an authority in your niche (WITHOUT spending hours and hours on them every time).
  • Pitched high-paying clients you enjoy working with and created new business processes to keep your pipeline flowing with leads.
  • Implemented a unique repeatable framework to launch and scale your own agency (even if you've never run a company before).
  • Created a six-figure revenue plan to meet your income goals THIS YEAR.
  • Experienced what Behind The Scenes of running a 7-figure Agency look like, including all of the time-saving strategies and lessons I've picked up along the way (that I truly WISH I'd known from the start).
  • Mastered handling sales calls in order to close more clients.
  • Built a business that will give you the freedom, flexibility, and financial independence you've always wanted.

What is it costing you not to get started growing your agency?

  • Financial freedom?
  • Emotional Health?
  • ​Time with Your Family?
  • ​Ability to Travel?
  • ​Planning for your future?
I used to be stuck in this crazy cycle of ridiculous stress. Wondering when I was going to find my next freelancing job, or if a client would leave a weird review if I’d ever get another client! I would wake up every morning and not want to get up because of the stress I was under. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY.

There is another way!!

You’re literally 2-3 clients away from financial freedom.

From time freedom. From getting your mental sanity back! From growing your empire and hiring amazing people to work with!

Don’t be here next year in this same place overthinking what you know will change your life.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Q1. Who gets accepted into the accelerator?

We accept Freelancers / VAs / Agency Owners that we believe have a high potential to grow massively. Once you apply, we will get on a call with you to ask you a few questions and assess if you're willing to put in the consistent work it takes to scale your agency beyond six and seven figures.

Q2. Do I get 1-1 Access to Lindsay in BDA Accellerator

BDA is a group coaching program with course & workshop elements. You can always ask questions and submit your questions for live reviews and hot seats every week. You will have the opportunity to chat live on the meeting during that time. We also often host workshops & co-working hours where you're welcome to work out questions. If you're interested in getting additional 1-1 calls with Lindsay or her team of experts, send an email to and we will get back to you.

Q3. I'm still in a 9-5 job. Should I wait until I'm a full time freelancer / agency owner to get accepted?

Not at all. We will let you in even if you have a day job and still want the clarity, structure and the confidence to make the leap to a full time agency owner. Don't wait - Go for this perfect opportunity and build a business of your dreams and learn how to scale it so it can take over your full time income.

Q4. I am worried that despite investing in this program I may not be able to create a successful agency. What should I do?

I understand. Starting a digital services business or agency can be a big leap and it may seem overwhelming, but this mentorship program is designed to prepare you for it. I am here to help you and share with you everything I have learned while building two successful 7 figure agencies myself and consulting on hundreds of other agencies for growth. My methods and processes work every time and I know this because I have had clients getting massive results implementing the same. So don’t worry - you’re in good hands :)

Q5. How long will I have access to the program content and calls, and support?

This is a 12 month program, you will have 12-months access to the calls, content portal and support related to this program as long as full payments are made. 

If you're READY to join an amazing community of aspiring & driven Digital Agency Entrepreneurs who are learning & implementing the newest & most powerful strategies in 2021...

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This, however, is completely optional. The training will last around 45 minutes and if you decide that you don't want to work more closely with us, you can leave and you won't be committed to buying anything. Although the option to work with us is present, this training will give you information & tools for you to take action and create this for yourself.